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Heated Vest Showdown: Ororo® vs. iHood® - Unveiling the Differences

Differences between ororo and ihood

As we all know, Ororo should be the most popular and famous heated apparel on the market and attract a lot of loyal customers. That is why iHood targets Ororo and tries to manufacture better products for all customers. In this case, most product features of iHood refers to Ororo and expect to make better. There are several main features comparison for those two brands as below. That will be a good review for those people to choose a satisfying product who wanna purchase a heated clothes.

Heating Zone

There are four heating zones totally in the Ororo heated vest. Two of them in the beneath pockets and rest of them are in the mid-back and collar. However, iHood heated vest owns double heating zones compared to Ororo. There is a large zone in the mid-back, four of them in the front chest, two of them in the retractable hat and the last one in the collar. The designer used his own experience to find out those best heated zone areas.

heating zones


It should be the biggest differences between Ororo and iHood. When it comes to the heated vest, most people will realize how to use it and control easily by one button, Ororo does it. However, the control method of iHood is a little bit different from other brands. It is a three all one logo button. In other words, there are three buttons and each of them controls different areas. What’s more, three buttons are combined together with logo which is convenient to control. So, customers can only open one or two areas if they need warmth to avoid energy waste. On the contrary, Ororo heated vest will open all heating zones if you click the button.



Ororo heated vest has three temperature level to choose. Low mode is 100°F, medium mode is 120°F and high mode is 130°F. However, it can only offer 3 hours time if using high mode. Based in our research, some of customers leave their feedback and they said that the temperature is a little bit lower which cannot offer enough warmth. In this case, iHood improved the battery capacity and power of the heated vest within the great efforts. As a result, the temperature of the iHood heated vest get obvious improvement. The low mode temperature is up to 130-140°F, the medium mode temperature is up to 140-149°F and the high mode temperature reaches to 160°F. With the help of enough warmth, people will stronger to suffer from freezing and horrible weather.




The Ororo heated vest Lithium-Ion battery is 5200 mAh. As a comparison, the battery of iHood heated vest is 14400 mAh. Even though the capacity is huge difference, the charging time is almost the same which is 4-5 hours. However, huge different capacity has the same lasting time, why? That is because iHood heated vest offer much warmer temperature for customers. Please refer to the specific data above if you need.


Style and pockets

Both of two brand vests are slim fit with black color style which is cool for all female ages group. Customers can use it as a outwear and wear it on top of a sweater or wear it inside as the vest.The most style difference between them is hood. There is more than one hood in iHood heated vest which includes two heating zones inside and controlled by one button individually. What’s more, the hood is retractable on the collar, customers have options to use it or not. In addition, there are five pockets layout on the iHood heated vest totally, two pockets for hand warmth outside and three pockets inside. It is convenient and much more space to carry your belongs such as cards and keys. However, there is only three pockets layout on Ororo heated vest. Two outside pockets for hand warmth and one for battery holder pocket. So, no more for extra belongs stored.


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