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Heated Jackets

Whether you like winter camping, hunting, skiing or just commuting to work in cold weather, a heated jacket can keep you warm and comfortable all day long, which not only increases the fun of travel but also improves the efficiency of work.

Our heated jackets for men & women made from polyester, with a water-repellent coating for durability and water resistance. Perfect for regular use and even outdoor activities in various harsh weather conditions.Jackets made from polyester are a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers due to their durability, and water resistance.

The iHood's heater jackets utilize 3 separate switches to control the heat in 6 different zones and are hooded. Independent control of heated zones facilitates safe operation with an easy-to-see zone control system. The preheat function quickly ramps up to 158°F for instant outdoor heating in harsh cold environments.

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