What is My Reason To Choose iHood Men’s Heated Vest

This is my first time to purchase a heated apparel when I saw an advertisement on Facebook since I did not hear this kind products ever before. It is a good news for people who live in cold freezing winter. However, there is a lot of different heated apparel brands on the market for several years when I search Google, how stupid I am. After my research and compare, I decide to purchase a new brand, iHood. Even though there are some of famous and reliable brands such as Ororo, Milwaukee, I share some of my own reasons to support my mind.


Heating Speed

I live in Minnesota, people who live near me can be recognize how cold we are in the winter. For me, I need keep warmth as soon as possible when I go out as afraid of cold. So, iHood heated vest satisfies my demand whenever I want. In preheating mode, the vest can reach to rating temperature within 10s which is crazy and unbelievable. However, it must be true when I wear and try it. How fast the speed it is, that is because the powerful battery bank and high quality carbon fiber heating elements. That is a wonderful equipment for me to stay warm in cold weather.

heating speed


Heating Space

What’s more, the second reason that push me to purchase iHood is heating space. Most heated apparels only have three or four heating zones which cannot keep warmth for the whole upper body. For example, you get enough warm based in front chest heating zones, but your hand and head still feel cold. However, iHood experienced a lot of human tests, and their designer find out those indispensable areas to heating. As a result, iHood heated vest owns eight heating zones and feel warm when wear it. Those large heating space help me to keep warmth for the whole upper body and resist cold.

heating space


Much Warmer

As we all know, most heated apparels only reach to 130°F in high mode, that is not enough warm to me in Minnesota winter. As a comparison, iHood heated vest is up to 160°F in high mode which is more helpful. Even so, the warmer vest does not consume more lasting time, I still have 4 hours to use in high mode.

 much warmer
Last but not the least, I feel more confident to meet this coming winter, with iHood heated apparel. But I will try to stay at indoor instead for a while.

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