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Unveiling the Superiority of iHood Heated Vest: Your Ultimate Cold-Weather Companion

why you should choose ihood heated vest

The north is whistling, and the snow is all over the ground. With the winter is coming, the temperature will go down especially those states who closed to Canada. I have lived in Wisconsin for three years and their climate  left a deep impression to me. I experienced bitter wind,thick snow and below 30 degrees Celsius weather.It is fine to stay indoor and do anything normally. However, it should be a huge challenge if you need stay outdoor for long time. The terrible weather urges me to back my home as soon as possible.

However, there are a lot of related apparel created in recent years such ororo heated clothes. Those clothes will help you to keep warm if you are difficult to endure the low temperature.Even if there are a lot of related brands and heated apparel sold on the market, I still wanna introduce a new and more creative heated apparel brand which is called iHood. Based in the several years development of heated apparel, more and more customers feel uncomfortable experience such as less heat zones and short heat period. In order to revise those details and bring much better experience to the customers, iHood will issue new heated apparel in this winter for satisfying customer’s demand. There are some top attractive points of iHood heated vest.

Eight Heat Zones

You will find eight heat zones in iHood heated vest totally and they are distributed in different areas in order to keeping warm for the whole upper body. There is a large zone in the mid-back, four of them in the front chest, two of them in the retractable hat and the last one in the collar. The designer used his own experience to find out those best heated zone areas. Order an iHood heated vest and keep away from cold to your body.

eight heat zones

Outstanding Materials

To resist cold, an apparel should has great materials and bring comfortable experience. So, iHood must be there. The iHood heated vest is made of plaid nylon spinning, 290T pongee, 3D down cotton and milk shreds. And the zipper is offered by YKK, which is the largest zipper manufacturer in this world. Based in those materials, iHood heated vest establishes the strong product quality pledge, which is important for brand reputation.

outstanding materials

Long Battery Life

The battery of the iHood is up to 14400mAh, which should be the largest heated apparel battery. So, the longest lasting time is up to 10 hours in low mode. Medium mode on 6 hours and high mode on 3 hours. Even though in low mode, the temperature of the vest can reach to 131 to 140°F since the better heating elements. Choose iHood heated vest, save energy and keep warm. And the charger is improved into quick charge system 3.0, 14400 mAh battery is fully charged within 4 to 5 hours.

long battery life

Three Button and Four Modes to Control

There is a button on the chest which is combined with logo and control. Based in this button, customers control the high. Medium, low and ultra modes easily. In ultra mode, the vest will be heated to the rated temperature within 10 seconds and exchange to medium mode automatically. What’s more, the most humanized improvement of this vest is three in one logo button. Three of them connected to different areas. One button controls back area and collar, one button controls the front chest area and the last one controls hat. In this case, all different areas can be controlled individually rather than all in one button. So, this humanized design helps customer to control how warm they need in the specific area within different temperature. It will be suitable for old people and good choice for a gift.

three buttons

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