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Advantages of Carbon Fiber Infrared Electric Room Heater

Advantages of Carbon Fiber Infrared Electric Room Heater

The carbon fiber heating element is made of cutting-edge heating material - carbon fiber and 100% cotton fiber. It is a new type of high-energy fiber material. Carbon fiber has many excellent properties such as high strength, high modulus, high temperature resistance, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance, waterproof, creep resistance, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity.

1. The temperature rises rapidly, the 3.7V voltage is energized and it is hot, it can be heated after 1 second, the temperature can reach 20 degrees after 2 seconds, and the surface temperature can reach 45 degrees after 3 seconds;
2. High electrothermal conversion efficiency and energy saving -- carbon fiber heating element is a full black body material, the electrothermal conversion rate is more than 30% higher than that of metal wire and other heating elements, and the thermal efficiency is as high as 99.9%;
3. The far-infrared heat radiation that is extremely beneficial to human health is generated when it is heated--after electrification, the carbon fiber heating element converts 99.9% of the electrical energy into a wavelength of 5~20 microns that is extremely beneficial to human health.
Far infrared thermal radiation, electromagnetic wave is 0;
4. Safety -- Under the same current load area, the strength of carbon fiber is 6~10 times higher than that of metal wire, and it will not break during use. Since the carbon fiber is a mesh heating element, even if one of the carbon fibers is broken, it will not affect the overall energization and heating. And the broken part, the surface temperature of one end is 60 ℃, no arcing, thus effectively preventing the occurrence of fire and other accidents;
5. Long service life -- carbon fiber
6. Safety. Adopt high-tech carbon fiber heating material imported from Japan, long service life, not easy to break, use 3.7V low voltage, equivalent to 3 AA batteries, safe and reliable
7. Energy saving and environmental protection. 1 kWh of electricity in an average of 25 days;
8. High thermal efficiency. For example, the indoor ambient temperature is 0°C--10°C, the temperature of this series of products can reach about 45°C, which is very comfortable and warm for the human body in a very short period of time, and the temperature is always constant; the electrothermal conversion efficiency is high, and the electrothermal conversion rate is higher than traditional USB gloves. The heating element such as the metal wire used is more than 30% higher, and the thermal efficiency is as high as 99.9%
9. Comfortable and convenient. The ergonomic design, the product is soft and close to the body, and can move freely. The heating sheet can be removed when going out, that is, it turns into a lightweight fashionable glove;
10. A variety of power supply methods can be flexibly selected to meet the various needs of users in different occasions

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