How to Earn Extra Money with iHood

Before discussing today’s topic, I wanna introduce a concept at first. Affiliate, it is a platform that brings together advertisers and promoters and acts as an intermediary. In other words, it is a method for earning money in your free time.

When it comes to the principle of affiliate, there are four rules. First, it is a platform that brings together advertisers and their products. Second, affiliate generates links to advertisers and each product, and assigns an ID to different promoters and puts it in this link at the same time. Third, affiliate brings some promoters together, uses the promotion links generated above to promote products and generate commission for the promoters in the background. Last but not the least, The commission is ultimately given by the advertiser rather than affiliate platform.

Now, iHood has join in Shareasale platform and use this to build our own affiliate program. Shareasale had founded over 20 years which is a steady and strong partner. Even though there are a lot of different affiliate platform in the market, we choose Shareasale finally.

So, how does affiliater earn money on Shareasale? I will show you now. First of all, click here to sign in your information and join our affiliate program. You are the one of our affiliater when you fulfill the sheet below.

signin sheet

What’s more, all affiliaters can use promotions and all other information from iHood. As a result, all affiliaters will obtain 10% commission when you cause any sales for iHood. Please click here to get more details.

Welcome to join us and earn extra money for yourself.

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