Staying Warm and In Costume This Christmas Season with Heated Clothing

Christmas. It’s a very important holiday for a lot of people. Many travel over the river and through the woods to see Grandma and other family members. While Christmas is full of fun activities, it also comes with chilly weather. So It's also important to get outside and keep warm this snowy holiday season.That’s where  iHood comes in.

 When your kids are out looking for Santa, you don't want them getting frostbite.Our heated apparel not only keeps you warm, but you can also wear it with your own Christmas costume! 


People who go out at Christmas will wear thin skull caps under their helmets to cover their ears and protect them from the wind, but you don't have to wear a cumbersome helmet.iHood offers a vest with a heated hood.There are also huge discounts in the Christma.


Layers, layers, layers is the golden rule when it comes to winter clothing, and there’s no reason why that shouldn’t also apply to fingers, which can get painfully cold if you’re outdoors all day. iHood glove liners ($189.99) give an extra layer of protection. For outer gloves, take no chances and go thermal and waterproof. They can be pricey, so save money by getting a workwear pair from a hardware shop ($19.99). They work as well for adventurers as they do for builders.


I recommend dressing it.Made for harsh weather, the iHood® Jacket combines full winter performance with a distinctive modern aesthetic. It provides heat to your body's three core areas, where you need it most. Radiant heat technology and a 12V portable battery delivers consistent heating power - no matter the temperature. 

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