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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Heated Apparel

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Heated Apparel

When it comes to heated clothing there are a number of factors to consider. While the battery and heating elements are essential, you should also take into account items such as the material the coat is made from, the insulation packed into the shell, and even the number of pockets. Keep reading to see some of the key considerations when shopping for a heated vest or coat:



The battery is obviously one of the biggest factors when shopping for a heated jacket or vest as it does the majority of the work to keep the coat warm. The majority of heated jackets and vests use a a rechargeable lithium battery to generate heat. We recommend avoiding vests and jackets that use rechargeable nickel batteries as they are heavier and lose their ability to recharge over time.




This is one of the most important considerations when evaluating heated outwear. The majority of heated jackets and vests can provide heat for up to ten hours on a low setting, but the differences can be dramatic when using a high or medium setting. While some coats or vests may last six hours on high, others will drain the battery in three hours. Think about how you will use the coat and what kind of battery life you need. While a skier or someone working outside all day may want the maximum number of hours on high, someone who only wears their heated outwear for a short hike or walk in the woods might not need a long-lasting battery.

Heated apparel give warmth and comfort on the job site, and are typically equipped with a USB power supply that can power up to two USB-compatible power devices or electronic equipment at the same time, in addition to transferring warming stored energy to the heated apparel.


Durability & Comfort Aspects Driving Sales of 7-20 Volt Power Heated Jackets

The 5-7 volt category dominates the global heated jacket market, owing to rising demand for such items among winter sports enthusiasts who enjoy mountain climbing, trekking, skiing, and bicycling. When compared to other power kinds, the 5-7 volt power type sector is expected to account for a major market share since it lasts longer and is more comfortable. iHood jackets use 12V voltage, which exceeds 90% of the merchants on the market, which means that our jackets have better heating performance and heating speed.


How to choose the hot area

And in order to meet everybody's needs for heat, the location of heating panels may vary.Ordinary heating suits will have 2-3 heating areas, iHood's heating areas are basically all over the upper body, and we have also designed a partition control system, so that you can give you enough warmth where you need it.

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