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Heated Gloves

With iHood heated jackets and heated vests, you can keep your upper body warm in winter, but you also need to keep your hands warm. With iHood heated gloves, you can embrace the winter season with warm and cozy hands, no matter if you're an outdoor enthusiast, a motorcyclist, or simply love morning jogs. Say goodbye to cold discomfort and experience the joy of winter activities without compromising on comfort!

Made from robust and wind-resistant polyester, iHood heated gloves are thoughtfully designed for both men and women, making them a versatile unisex choice. Built to endure the challenges of everyday wear, these gloves guarantee to keep your hands snug and content throughout countless winters. Moreover, their exceptional water resistance provides an added safeguard against the elements, solidifying them as the ultimate winter companion for everyone!

Warm reminder, men's hands, and women's hands are different in size, please pay attention to choosing the appropriate size when purchasing heating gloves.

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