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VIP Program conditions & Terms

Eligibility: (USA only)

Anyone who has registered on can become a VIP member of iHood by following these simple steps:
1: Payment: Register Pay for the VIP
2: Contact us to redeem the VIP benifits: contact us by facebook messager or whatsApp

VIP Terms

Limited Availability: iHood is recruiting only 1000 VIP members this year, and once this limit is reached, the VIP program will be suspend.
VIP Duration: Your VIP membership will be valid for two years, starting from the day you successfully purchase VIP status until the 730th day when it automatically expires.

VIP Benefits

In the first 365 days of your iHood VIP membership, you will receive any product from the iHood store valued at $150 or less for free (if the product exceeds $150, you only need to pay the difference).
From day 336 to day 730 of your iHood VIP membership, you will continue to receive any product valued at $150 or less for free.
Discounts: 15% discount on all physical products from iHood (Both Amazon and iHood official web).
New Product Free Ownership: Apply for free ownership for any new come iHood product releases.
Cash Prizes: Exclusive participation in iHood VIP cash prize events.

Special Notes

1:Please note that there are no refunds available once you purchase iHood VIP, so please make your choices carefully.
2:We kindly ask all iHood VIP members to add iHood official contacts on WhatsApp and Facebook to facilitate the redemption of your VIP benefits (Our promise : we will not send marketing messages or spam).
3:To streamline the process, we will contact you by Facebook messager or WhatsApp to start redeeming benefits once we reach 50 VIP members and multiples of 50 (e.g., 50, 100, 150, and so on).
4: iHood has the final interpretation right of VIP.

Termination and Update

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate the membership program at any time for any reason, but that will not affect the existing member's benefits.