What is the Feedback of iHood Vest from Our Customers and Partners

So far, our men’s heated vest has been sold more than two months on Amazon store and online official store. The exciting news to us is that the product was sold more than Five hundred pieces. Believe it or not, there is a huge breakthrough to us which improve our confident and reputation. Even though we did not receive enough feedback until now, we still use those data to analyze and summarize what we should improve and prepare for the Christmas.

Review on Amazon

The overall rating on Amazon is 4.0 until 18th October and total reviews are eighteen. The rating is not good enough since the base is too small. We do not worry about the quality of our product and feel optimistic when the base is more than one hundred. As a matter of fact, there is a lot of positive reviews from our customers. For example, Warren said that the size fits well and the product is a good base layer for keeping warm. What’s more, Smith said that this men’s heated vest has strong power battery, enough high temperature to keep warming and too many pockets for storing. However, there is still some negative reviews. On the contrary, one customer said that the product does not work out of the box, we consider that he did not read the instruction carefully since all of information is displayed over there and warren said it is easy to use. All in all, even though the rating is not perfect, we still have confident to promote this men’s heated vest and bring warm to more people.

amazon review

Review on ihoodwarm.com

Recently, we receive a lot of inbox messages from our customers. Most of their questions are about how to use the product and safety concerns. Thus, we must state that our product is safe to wear and it is waterproof. However, you should unplug the battery and take it out when you throw it in the wash machine. In addition, all of our products are tested by professional technical staff. In this case, we can guarantee the quality of the product and do not miss any parts in the box. In case of accidents, our after-sales staff is ready to solve your problem if you have any questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you suffer any trouble.

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Review from Our Partners

To enlarge our market and improve our brand reputation, our company planed to collaborate with some social influencers to promote our product. As a result, we reach a lot of agreements with them in the past month based on our outstanding and attractive heated vest. Kent received our product several days ago, he posted a video on his YouTube channel and instructed heated vest specifically. Click here to get more information. What’s more, we also combine product with entertainment together. Jason also received men’s vest last week and posted his funny video on Tiktok with amazing music and interesting frame. Consequently, all those social influencers gave positive feedback to us because of high performance of men’s iHood heated vest.

There is a thousand Hamlet in a thousand people. Even though not everyone will satisfy our products, we just try our best to obtain support from most people.

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